Thriving in the ‘next normal’

Techaisle, a global IT market research and analyst organization, surveyed today's IT leaders to better understand the challenges SMBs face and how they can successfully prepare themselves for the ‘next normal.’

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Learn what the latest research shows about:

  • The most persistent challenges SMB IT professionals face today
  • The factors SMBs must address for successful digital transformation
  • Why SMBs are turning to SD-WAN

About Bigleaf Networks

Bigleaf is a new kind of networking foundation for IT leaders who need to deliver truly reliable internet connectivity for every application, every technology, every user, everywhere—over any ISP. By combining proven SD-WAN technology with groundbreaking AI software, Bigleaf classifies and prioritizes application traffic, and steers it around internet issues so it can reliably get to and from anywhere it needs to go, all without the need for policies or manual configurations. With Bigleaf, IT leaders can finally ensure the same reliable user experience for cloud and internet-technologies over the public Internet as they have for technologies hosted in their private LAN and WAN.

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